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  • Each team must consist of 5 individuals (16 or older)
  • ​Each team must have two female competitors
    • Each female competitor must contribute in two of five of the below exercises and meet the listed minimum:
      • ​Rows: 500 meters
      • Rope Climbs: 1
      • Box Jumps: 25
      • Push-ups: 50
      • Any single power quotient event
      • If requirement is not met, team will receive a 2 point penalty per female competitor​
  • ​Metcon Rules
    • ​Rows
      • ​Changeover between partners will not stop clock - change as often as you like 
    • ​Rope climbs
      • ​Competitor must reach top of rope without using feet, touch bar joist and descend completely down w/o jumping 
    • ​Box jumps
      • ​No step ups allowed
      • Competitor must arrive at a fully upright position (knees locked) on top of box
      • When switching between partners, the 1st competitor's feet must hit floor before next competitor's leave
    • ​Push-ups
      • ​No modifications allowed
      • Chest must touch ground at bottom and elbows must lock out at top
  • ​​Power Quotient Rules
    • ​You're allowed 2 scratches for each lift, and you can go down in weight if necessary
    • ​Each team has 90 minutes to complete 1 rep max in each of three lifts​
    • Only 1 person can compete in each of the power quotient events
      • ​That can be the same individual for all three, or three different people (one for each lift)
    • ​Bench Press
      • ​Feet must stay on the ground at all times during attempted lift
        • If required, lifter can place plates under feet no higher than 30 cm for stability
      • Spotter CAN help with liftoff from rack
      • If spotter touches the bar at any time after lift off, before judge declares the lift successful or a scratch, the lift will be scratched
      • Spotter can assist in re-racking bar AFTER judge declares lift successful or a scratch
      • Team is required to have three spotters for each lift; at head of lifter, and one on each side of barbell
      • A successful lift should arrive and touch lifters chest, then rise to a full extension with elbows locked
      • Lifter may not bounce again after touching chest
    • ​Back Squat
      • ​Pads are not permitted
      • Spotters may assist lifter in approaching positioning after un-racking weight, and helping lifter re-rack weight after judge declares decision on lift
      • Spotter may NOT touch lifter during lift, or lift will be scratched
      • Team is required to have three spotters for each lift; one behind lifter, and one on each side of barbell
      • To count as a valid lift, competitor must reach a full or past parallel position (hips lower than knees) then at top knees must be locked
      • Lifter may not bounce weight after accent from bottom starts
    • Deadlift
      • One spotter required behind lifter with two in front (should lifter fail and throw weight forward)
      • Lifter must pick up weight and arrive at a fully upright position with knees locked and shoulders back
      • At any point the bar leaves the ground, it will be counted as a lift
      • Lifter may not descend barbell until judge signals a successful lift
      • Weight must descend in a controlled fashion with hands on bar until it reaches a rested position on ground

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