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Greyson's Story

Greyson, a 1 year old twin to brother Hunter, younger brother to 4 year old sister Harper, and son to parents Kyle and Rebekah, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in his tongue in March. Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that starts in the bones or nearby soft tissues, is often associated with bone pain and swelling--symptoms cripling for even the strongest adults. 
Greyson’s life hasn’t been easy since day one.  Initially no one thought Greyson’s problem was cancer related, not even the doctors. However, because he was struggling with weight gain at such an early age, something was expected to be wrong.  In an attempt to find the root cause, an MRI was suggested for him at 4 months old, but there were risks. Last Christmas, Greyson got sick and stayed sick for weeks. When he was finally old enough to have an MRI, it was clear there was a mass on his tongue and a confirmation, one that’s devastating for any parent to hear, was given, Greyson had cancer.

Currently, Greyson is receiving on-going treatment at Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem.  This treatment series combined with his prior treatment through a local pediatric practice has proved to be effective, reducing the size of the mass by 50% and survival rates nearly 80%.

Greyson’s family, their friends, and the community at large are inspired by Greyson’s success thus far.  Those close to the family and those associated simply because of awareness of Greyson’s condition continue to pray for the day when Greyson can finally free himself from this disease.

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What is Max Out for Greyson?

Max Out for Greyson is a campaign zRock has created to raise awareness about Greyson's condition and to build some financial support for his parents.  As you can imagine, having a small child with a condition such as Ewing's sarcoma comes with a substantial amount of financial burden.  This burden can take a massive toll on a family in order to assure that Greyson receives the best care possible. 

Max Out for Greyson consists of 15 different physical fitness movemets which test ones strength, endurance, balance or speed.  The movements and leaderboard are listed below.

Every attempt is $3 and 100% of that cost goes directly to the Stephen's family. 

Now thru January 31st

  • All movements must be judged by a zRock employee
  • One entry fee per each attempt
  • Open to members and non-members
  • Event open through January 31st
  • Direct donations accepted
  • No appointment needed
Misty Lawrence - 12:21:10
Lee Gibbs - 4:25
Elizabeth Parson - 14:30
Brittney McGuire - 47.8 sec
Dusty McGuire - 225#
David Branch - 495#
Renee McGuire - 200#
David Branch - 325#
Daniel Icenhour - 44
David Branch - 325#
Misty Lawrence - 200#
*Power Quotient - All 3
David Branch - 5.45
*Score based on body weight divided by lifted weight